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For the best legal assistance in Sidney & Wapakoneta, OH, trust the dedicated staff at Rob C Wiesenmayer II Law Offices who will work hard to ensure the best possible outcome for you. We truly believe that justice is the most important aspect of any case and this is something we will always fight for.
Having someone in your corner is important. Whether you are in mediation or walking into a courtroom, you need to trust your legal representation. At Rob C Wiesenmayer II Law Offices, we promise to support you completely, and answer any questions that you may have regarding your case or the different choices you need to consider. Regardless of the issue, we have the knowledge and experience to argue the merits of your case and find a resolution that will hopefully be amicable to both parties.
211 S West Ave
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We protect and advance the rights of individuals who are seriously injured or suffered loss of a loved one in accidents at work or in their personal lives. We also cover the rights of people going through divorce, dissolution, child custody, support, adoption and that have been accused with crimes like felony, misdemeanor, juvenile crimes, DUI and traffic offenses.

You can expect nothing less than our full dedication to your case. We will thoroughly inform and counsel you throughout your time with us to make sure you know exactly what legal actions must be taken. When it's time to go to court, negotiations or litigation you will be counseled, ready and confident.